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Our vision is to support you on a daily basis. But supporting you effectively means supporting you over the long term, which is why we work with a subscription formula instead of a fixed price per project.

You choose the monthly package that best suits your needs, and we get straight to work. No need to wait for a price quote, just an ice-breaker workshop to get to know you, your goals, your needs, and a few days later, you'll already receive your first project.

Please note that only 2 slots are available to ensure the highest quality of delivery.

Graphic design subscription


1. What if I'm not happy with the proposed design?
We'll keep working on it until it suits you, which is why it's so important to have a good briefing at the start, so that you can head straight off in the right direction. And if you don't know where to go, don't worry, our job is also to advise and surprise you.

2. How long does it take to get a first design?
A 48-page annual report takes longer than a 3-panel leaflet. The aim is to deliver quality work, and if we manage to deliver the expected result on the first try, we can move straight on to a new project.

2. What's 1 project (or 2) at a time?
This means that you can't ask us to do a logo, a poster & a motion video at the same time, if you take the 1 project formula, we'll do one of the 3 projects and when it's finished, we'll move on to the next, if you take the 2 project formula, we'll choose the 2 most urgent (and relevant) projects together and we'll do the 3rd when one of the other 2 projects is finished.

4. And you write the texts too?
We have an additional option if you don't want to write the texts yourself: we have copywriters dedicated to this within the agency.

5. And can I have a website too?
If you'd like to add the creation and management of your website to the package, that's entirely possible via an option, but beware, the website process requires specific meetings and a precise methodology. Contact us beforehand to find out if it's worth monopolizing a project site for a website, as a website can take between 2 and 4 months.

6. And if I'm not satisfied after 1 month?
There's no commitment, so you can cancel your subscription at any time for the following month. You can also increase or decrease your package at any time. But once again, our goal is to support you in long term, so we do everything to satisfy you.

7. And during the holidays?
the agency closes for 2 weeks a year, 1 week in summer, 1 week in winter, during which time you will obviously not be billed.

8. I have a super urgent project but my formula is not responsive enough, is there a solution?
There are even 2 solutions:
either you use the "emergency" option, which will cost you €100 per iteration, or you can even return the same day.
The 2nd solution is to take the project out of your subscription with a fixed price, so you can continue to use the subscription for one or 2 other projects while we work on the urgent project in parallel.

9. I like the idea of having a fixed monthly payment, but your 3 proposals don't meet my needs.
Don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll work out a package to suit your needs, if possible.

10. does it include consulting and strategy?
unfortunately not, strategy and consulting are too specific to be included in a subscription, and should only be done once in a while anyway, the best is to contact us for a fixed offer, the advantage of the fixed offer in this case is that it can be subsidized by the Walloon region mechanism.

11. Are prints included?
No, printing, voice-overs, music, production crews to shoot TV spots, media budgets are obviously not included, only projects that can be done in-house.

12. But does this affect the quality of the projects?
Absolutely not. By eliminating the creation, negotiation and management of quotations, and simplifying the project management process thanks to digital technology, we gain in speed and lower costs per project, so we can focus on what's most valuable: creativity.

Ce que nos formidables clients ont dit de nous

Taobé Consulting

The collaboration with Alpaga went wonderfully well. Cédric, Frédéric and their team immediately made us feel comfortable, which helped us to authentically discuss our ideas. Alpaga was in charge or rebranding our company’s image and building an identity that truly reflects us. Our values, our logo, our colors: everything fits our mission and our corporate DNA. They understood who we were and managed to guide us while leaving us free.

Anaïs Thys - CEO & FOUNDER

Bepark & IZIX

Flexible, understanding our needs and easy to communicate with, alpaga supported us in the creation of our communication materials. As alpaga has experience working for major brands and startups, their input was much appreciated. The creative input and associated results enabled the in-house team to focus on other missions.

Florence Mackelbert - Brand & PR Manager

brewspot & Belgian Process Solutions

Alpaga helped us reposition our brand. Originally focused on B2C, we changed our positioning with the agency, redefining our values, our mission and professionalizing our brand image to win over major customers such as ING and other multinationals for their teambuilding activities. Flexibility, involvement and creativity punctuated our work sessions.

Christophe Semaille - Co Founder


alpaga helped me develop a brand and range of natural, eco-responsible cosmetics. Creativity and flexibility were the hallmarks of our collaboration, and relying on the agency enabled me to focus solely on production and distribution channels.

Christofer Houze - CEO

Materia Nova

After decades of existence, Materia Nova, a research center for new materials, needed to revamp its image to meet its new international ambitions. Aligning the vision of over 200 people was not an easy task, but despite the constraints, the agency was able to respond to the brief with unfailing flexibility, creativity and advice.

Sabine Bouchez - Communication coordinator

Brasserie Héritage

Building a storytelling and a packaging in the world of beer is no easy task, especially in a country like Belgium. Nevertheless, the agency was able to respond to the brief, and immediately understood my ambition and my needs, and responded by providing the positioning, the name, the identity and the packaging.

Clément Hallet - CEO

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