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Build and grow your brand, transform it to connect with people.

Spend time with yourself to understand what you do, how you do it, why you do it, who your customers are and study what your competitors are doing to reveal your uniqueness and do bigger and better than them!

Design with you, to reflect your vision, values as closely as possible, confront it with our expertise and creativity.

Make grow your brand by choosing the best possible strategy within your budget & objectives.

And, of course, we’ll develop the whole digital ecosystem with you, whether it’s a website, CRM platform, digital experience or a very exciting newsletter.

We’re not only your agency, we’re your whole marketing department!

And we’ll be having fun, creating beautiful, meaningful brands and awesome projects.

PS: we don’t supply alpaca sweaters or scarves.

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We work for startups, future big brand & NGO in a wide range of services with only objective in mind, build a big strong brand, a brand culture.  

We help entrepreneurs who are launching a company or a new product. We analyze the market, draw up the brand strategy, define its DNA, positioning and graphic identity, help rethink the business or brand positioning, or simply advise entrepreneurs in the fields of marketing, strategy, communication and design.

Brand strategy & Development
Brand identity & Implementation
Print & editorial design
Video & image production
3D, illustration
Consultancy in business creation & transformation
Project management

We set up everything to help your brand grow, from a strategy that will give direction to all the actions to be taken and advertising on all media (daily press, OOH, magazine, cinema, radio, TV...) or branded content for your different media, social networks, videos and motion design, with a big dose of creativity needed to stand out.

Content & motion design
Advertising design & development
Guerilla marketing
Digital campaign
Social Media marketing
Project management
Video & image production

Helping companies take the digital plunge by defining the brand's digital strategy, assisting with the development of eshops, apps or websites, but also implementing a series of digital marketing campaigns with the aim of increasing sales or brand awareness. The team specializes in UX design and is certified by Meta and Google for digital marketing campaigns.

Digital strategy
Project management
Ux design
Social media marketing
Eshop design & development
App designer & development
Web design & development
Digital marketing

How to reach the top ?

Over the past 11 years, we've found that 90% of the clients we work with have only the vaguest idea of their problem(s) and the budget needed to achieve their objectives.
To solve this problem, we work in 3 distinct stages:

Diagnosis, establishing the problem and the objective.
Action plan to solve the problem.
Execution of the plan.

This phased approach favors a better breakdown of the budget, a clear vision of the future and greater agility. We avoid what we call at alpaga the locomotive project, the kind of project with a start station, a finish station, a straight line and no way to change lanes or reduce speed.


Study your brand
Define objective(s)
Design thinking
Product design
Define budget


Brand positioning
Communication strategy
Digital strategy
Design strategy
Business consultancy & project management
UX design


Brand identity
Retail marketing
Website & eshop
Social media marketing
Graphic design
Motion design
Digital marketing
Digital production

Contact us to know more about our methodology
brand archetype method by alpaga agencya drawing on the application development process and UX designBrand strategy for Jodoigne by alpaga agencystrategic session with post it to define brand strategy


alpaga is founded 2 brothers, 1 creative with experience in international branding and adversiting agency, the other in retail marketing agency as digital developer. The idea of alpaga was easy: "build brands, experiences by combining the storytelling, branding techniques with opportunities offered by the digital".

The idea immediatly seduced some brands, either other agencies, a good idea using technology to provide new emotion, no one can resist to that! and the first big clients were agencies like altavia act*, absolute agency, oil in water, wavemaker agency, TBWA, and we worked on brands like cointreau, RTL Group, Sony Pictures, Deutsche Bank, Universal Pictures, Media Markt, Proximus, Douwe Egberts... 

10 years later the agency evolved, alpaga is not only focus on creative material including ads/branding & digital anymore.
The agency have a main focus on accompagning the client in each step of the brand building: business consulting, define a name, a tone of voice, design the identity, communication, digitize a product or service to increase the value or build stronger  connection with the audience, to reach that we developped our tools throught the years, based on the research of work of Simon Sinek, Facebook, Y&R, Keller & our own experiences. 

But the agency is not only focus on Belgian market, with experience in France, UK, South Korea and Netherlands, the two brothers aslo have deep connections throught the family with the Vietnam, Vietnam has a lot of offer to the world, imagine helping a vietnamese producer to bring a delicious chè bap or banh mi in our belgian supermarket like they can already enjoy our chocolate and beer.

Cedric & Frédéric Faltin
Sound design of a video for cosmetics made by alpaga agencyShooting of a video production

Our belief.
Our manifesto.
Our culture.

Creativity, Innovation, Passion, Efficient, Multiculturalism & Integrity are the value we share inside the company and we share with our client, but we also have some rules that help us to produce outstanding projects and maintain a good relationship with our client.

1. Every project we did has to be creative
Creativity touches people and adds value to your brand, setting you apart from the crowd.
Communication without creativity is just a piece of printed paper, a waste.
Burn your money if you like, but don't ask us to do it for you.

2. We solve problems
We're not artists, we're designers. We use analysis, technique and emotion to create projects that achieve a goal. If your feedback isn't relevant, we won't do it; we want to see your brand succeed, not please you.

3. We choose our clients and projects
We can’t do a great job if the projects don’t fit in our values and vision.

4. No bullshit relationship
We are the most transparent as we can be. Like a lot of people, we don’t like the dark, shadowy areas… We expect the same from our clients.

5. We avoid pressure
Diamonds are made with high pressure but need time to be discovered and cut. To provide the highest impactful, effective, and ROI projects, we need time to know your context, design, test, and rework our projects. If we run too fast, we can just provide a piece of coal. It doesn’t mean we can’t work fast; it just means we need time to think of the best solution. 24h delivery doesn’t allow us to benchmark or challenge our ideas.

6. « If you don’t make mistakes, you aren’t really trying »
We authorize making mistakes, and we learn from them.

7. We never do the same thing twice
The comfort zone is boring. Feed us with a challenge, and we will deliver the best project of your life.

8. Each project is important
Every tool we deliver is a communication asset, a brick to build your empire.

9. There are no projects we are not proud of
because each time it’s the result of a narrow collaboration between us and our awesome client.

10. No strings attached
our HQ is in Belgium, but don’t be surprised if you receive mail starting with xin chào. Since COVID, the team can work remotely from around the world.

11. We can do AI, we can do NFT, augmented reality, we can do #InsertTrendsOfTheMoment
but we will do it only if it adds value to your brand, if it’s relevant…

12. We say no to pitch or specs work! work fo free!
Pitching, produce strategic or creative content for free, is a very common practice in our business when trying to convince a new client.
After years we have decided that from now on we will dedicate our time only to people who pay for our work, our expertises, this way we don't exhaust our team on potentially unpaid projects and dedicate that time to our clients to strengthen their position in their market or learn new skills, difficult for us to consider respectful a client that don't pay the working hours of others, it doesn't fit with our values.

We have a way of working, a methodoloy, a portfolio that demonstrates our ability to work for different industries, different problems and 11 years of experience.

The only condition for us to accept a free project is that you spend your weekend, your evenings with us after your working hours with the attestation of your employer that you will not be paid during these hours.

Conversely if you pay this pitch, we can discuss it. 

What our awesome clients told about us

Bepark & IZIX

Flexible, understanding our needs and easy to communicate with, alpaga supported us in the creation of our communication materials. As alpaga has experience working for major brands and startups, their input was much appreciated. The creative input and associated results enabled the in-house team to focus on other missions.

Florence Mackelbert - Brand & PR Manager

brewspot & Belgian Process Solutions

Alpaga helped us reposition our brand. Originally focused on B2C, we changed our positioning with the agency, redefining our values, our mission and professionalizing our brand image to win over major customers such as ING and other multinationals for their teambuilding activities. Flexibility, involvement and creativity punctuated our work sessions.

Christophe Semaille - Co Founder


alpaga helped me develop a brand and range of natural, eco-responsible cosmetics. Creativity and flexibility were the hallmarks of our collaboration, and relying on the agency enabled me to focus solely on production and distribution channels.

Christofer Houze - CEO

Brasserie Héritage

Building a storytelling and a packaging in the world of beer is no easy task, especially in a country like Belgium. Nevertheless, the agency was able to respond to the brief, and immediately understood my ambition and my needs, and responded by providing the positioning, the name, the identity and the packaging.

Clément Hallet - CEO

Materia Nova

After decades of existence, Materia Nova, a research center for new materials, needed to revamp its image to meet its new international ambitions. Aligning the vision of over 200 people was not an easy task, but despite the constraints, the agency was able to respond to the brief with unfailing flexibility, creativity and advice.

Sabine Bouchez - Communication coordinator

Tell us what you need & start to climb this big mountain the brandigital journey is, with the perfect guide: an alpaca!

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